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My leggings look like the surface of the moon…
Anonymous: "How much does it suck to be a Mexican?"


It’s actually really great. Mexican food everyday, I was born with rhythm, I have cute brown skin and we are slowly taking over America and there is nothing u can do about it :-)

Omg. Flaca (jackie cruz) was on kourtney & khloe take miami and I just found out since I never watched that show but just found it on Netflix… such useful information and super relevant to my blog so yeah..
It’s dark in my room but you get the idea. (Since todassomosmanas asked :))

My beard is so long, I’m so happy. I still want it to be longer and a little bushier but it’s looking pretty good :)

Saturday night…
burn witch!

I really don’t know if I’d call myself a woman anymore or a man. I’m just whatever. When they ask me next time if I’m a man or a woman I’ll just politely say “whatever”. The women who hate on drag queens, cross dressers etc. With the argument that they are mocking women are immediately denying that this people are women too cause they don’t have a vagina. I’m not a man either because don’t dress, act or do what a man os supposed to do so Fuck it! I’m done. I’m a fucking whatever and I’m proud. I’m gonna wear all male clothes and all the women clothes I want. I will put on make up like a fucking pro and my beard will be on point always. I’m gonna be me and if you can’t handle it FUCK YOU.

Black Scared Cat