users online tu no eres darks
tu no eres darks
Este blog es un viaje
por la mente de Veronica Rodriguez
de la Luz de Topo ("La Elvira").

I post whatever I like.
Don't hesitate to ask.
Be polite.
I'd apologize for the autoplay but blah.

happy easter/420 putas! 
My baby Lucifer.

I like Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford better than the actual Joan Crawford.

I know people in general sometimes don’t take genders out of the binary seriously but half the audience on my YouTube channel are total assholes. It used to affect me at first but now i just feel bad for them. I am who I am and yeah most of them think of me as an alter ego to a boy and i just go with the flow. Truth is that it is just me, it’s not a character, its me and if ppl can’t see that they can go fuck themselves.

Tired but looking good according to my baby.

I think I have a thing for close up face gifs of guys getting fucked lol.

Black Scared Cat